New autumn and winter collection 2018

New autumn and winter collection 2018

autumn and winter collection 2018

Kollektion "LIZENZEN"

New Licence - "The little Mole"

Funny doormats with the little hero!

Kollektion "DECOR"

Collection "DECOR"

Guaranteed pure design pleasure and hygiene for every living space!

Kollektion "ENTER+EXIT"


Large and varied design choice for the entrance area!

Kollektion "SPECIAL ART"

Collection "SPECIAL ART"

Bring the world of art to your home!

make more of your floor

wash+dry Video - BEHIND THE SCENCES

Creative, stylish and functional floor mats!

Kleen-Tex provides creative solutions for cleaner, safer, more beautiful spaces and delivers an outstanding experience every step of the way for more than 5 decades.

Whether you want one for your entrance, hall, living or eating area, bedroom or children's room, kitchen or terrace - wash+dry signifies creative, stylistically advanced and practical floor mats, which perfectly support your living style.

Our wash+dry design studio, in close collaboration with external design studios, have created a modern and timeless collection. The latest interior trends and different living styles have inspired our extensive design selection, which offers a creative solution for every taste and every room. Make more of your floor with the wash+dry Floor Fashion collection!

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