Care instructions

Before first use and every cleaning

Maintenance tips

Great mats add style and comfort to your home. To help keep it that way, please take a look through our maintenance tips for the wash+dry Design, wash+dry Licences and Special Art product lines, along with wash+dry Monocolour.

Before using, and every time when cleaning:

wash+dry mats are machine washable up to 60°C.
Wash the mat with mild detergent and spin-dry at a low speed.Place the doormat in the dryer and select the 'Easy Care' or 'Synthetics' program. Alternatively, the mat can be laid flat to dry.
Take regular care of your wash+dry mats in this way and you will be amazed how many years of quality and colour you get!

If you regularly care for your wash+dry mat in this manner, you will be surprised at the quality and how long the colour can last. Washing the mat is considered maintenance and increases the mat's dirt absorption.

Expert tip for mats with borders:Wash the mat separately before use. The fibres straighten, the nylon pile is activated, and creases and wrinkles possibly caused by transport are removed.

Mat maintenance tips especially forwash+dry Decor:
The wash+dry Decor is washable with mild detergent up to 60 °C. Then lay the mat out on a flat surface to dry. For bigger mats, please check the maximum load of your washing machine. For wash+dry Decor mats of size 140 x 200 cm and 170 x 240 cm we recommend carpet cleaning (the use of shampoos and vacuums designed for carpets).

In the case of PVC, linoleum flooring and oiled wooden flooring, discolouration can occur due to an interaction with rubber-coated mats. Please note we have a size and colour tolerance of +/- 3%.