Inspected Quality

Inspected Quality

Certificate for trust and saftey

Inspected Quality certificate – trust and saftey

It is important to us to provide transparency in the manufacturing and application of the materials we use, so that we can convince you that you have made the right choice in buying a wash+dry floor mat.

For this reason, we have taken the step of getting the properties of our wash+dry mats checked by the ÖTI Institute for Ecology, Technology and Innovation GmbH in Vienna. The ÖTI is an internationally respected, independent research institute with great know-how in textiles. The institute is well skilled in testing and analysis, overseeing and quality control - including when it comes to dirt-trapping mats and rugs.

In the testing process, all practical aspects of floor mats are judged, including suitability for washing machines and tumble dryers and their endurance after washing and drying (e. g. creasing, colour fastness). Along with further criteria such as any staining caused by the rubber face on various surface materials, suitability for underfloor heating (does it make the material sticky or frail) and resistance to fading, the testing focuses above all on health and safety qualities, such as whether the mat offers complete dirt removal, an anti-bacterial impact and skid prevention.

The Inspected Quality certificate confirms that wash+dry mats meet the very best quality requirements and are approved on all tested criteria.